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Zoo Class

Thursday is art day! We’ve been working on our graduation mural, which is “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” themed. Together we mixed different colored paints with white to make pastel colors. We then talked about “patterns”. I asked everyone what they thought a patter was and got many different examples, like “polka dots”, “stripes”, “flowers”, etc. I had each student pick two colors and think of a patter that they wanted to make. We then painted hot air balloons with our own design. Later, when the paint was dry, I cut out photographs of their faces and attached them to the bottom of the hot air balloons. They look like they’re a part of the book!

We also spent plenty of time practicing for the graduation ceremony. Everyone joined Jungle class in their room and practiced singing and dancing together. After we finished, we went back to the Zoo classroom and focused on learning the lyrics and how to sing properly. Everyone stood up and were asked to touch the top of their bellies. We laughed a little about how strange it felt, but everyone listened to the instructions carefully. We talked about how to sing powerfully and control our breathing when singing. They immediately sounded much better!

Later we got out our books and worked on our grammar. Everyone could understand the instructions clearly and were excited to get started. They finished quickly and made some simple corrections with no trouble at all. All of their hard work really shows. I’m very proud of their progress and the achievements they’ve made.

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